The burnout bar

Hey blog world. I’m not dead! Just really busy. And sleep deprived (yay for chronic insomnia). But it’s the WA Day public holiday here in Western Australia, so I carved out some time to pen a few thoughts. And with “state daddy” Mark McGowan announcing his resignation as Premier and Member for Rockingham a weekContinue reading “The burnout bar”

I want to write a poem

I want to write a poem –the kind that inspiresthe kind that lights a fire in your soulthe kind that speaks every wordof your heart’s desiresthe kind you’ll want to quoteso that I won’t even care that I peakedwith this poem. But –I can’t find the wordsand I don’t know what needs to be heardandContinue reading “I want to write a poem”

New Year, same girl on film – a micro-vlog & Paloma Faith

I don’t typically make New Year’s Resolutions because, let’s face it, I know I’m not going to follow through. It’s like all the newbies at the gym in January that you never see again in February. Which is not a criticism — just saying that good intentions do not a good habit make. I knowContinue reading “New Year, same girl on film – a micro-vlog & Paloma Faith”

November, schmovember…

Another year almost gone and still no hand sanitiser sponsorship. C’mon, how much alcohol does a girl need (to rub on her hands) to get a break around here?! But in all seriousness… it’s late November. Already. November always ends up being pretty busy despite my best intentions. I guess it’s been like that sinceContinue reading “November, schmovember…”

My Book Reality interview… and a reading of Black and Blue

Back in August, I sat down for a Zoom interview with Ian Hooper, executive director of Leschenault Press and The Book Reality Experience. That interview is now up on YouTube: I’m a little awkward but hey, it’s my first recorded interview. Awkwardness is on brand for me anyway. 😄 You can also get a sneakContinue reading “My Book Reality interview… and a reading of Black and Blue”