My name is Lee-Ann. People also call me Lee, LA, and L. (They probably call me other things too.) This is my little corner of the web. 🙂

Black and white photo of Lee-Ann sitting cross-legged on a kerb in front of a wall.
Artsy greyscale shot of Lee-Ann sitting on a kerb in front of a wall. Photo credit: Jess Gately.


Lee-Ann Khoh (she/her) is a self-confessed socially awkward butterfly who prefers writing to talking but has been known to sing in front of an audience on occasion. Hailing from Boorloo/Perth, she studied journalism at Curtin University before deciding she was better at making up her own stories. She is now a library technician who fantasises about the day someone asks if there are any Lee-Ann Khoh books in the library.

If you meet Lee-Ann, she probably won’t say much, but you can read some of her thoughts at leeannkhoh.com. Her debut novel, Black and Blue, is out now.


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