I want to write a poem

I want to write a poem –the kind that inspiresthe kind that lights a fire in your soulthe kind that speaks every wordof your heart’s desiresthe kind you’ll want to quoteso that I won’t even care that I peakedwith this poem. But –I can’t find the wordsand I don’t know what needs to be heardandContinue reading “I want to write a poem”

Amateur poetry readings in lockdown

Much of Australia has recently been in, or are still in, lockdown — including me in Perth. I was directed to work from home on Monday (it’s now Sunday again as I write this) when initial restrictions were reintroduced. And I managed to get a masked gym session in just before Premier Mark McGowan calledContinue reading “Amateur poetry readings in lockdown”

My speaking voice and Henry Newbolt

Those who know me in person know I don’t really say much. Which means hearing my speaking voice is a genuine rarity. 😀 But I recently joined LibriVox, where volunteers from around the world record audio versions of public domain texts. For funsies, I decided to take part in LibriVox’s Weekly Poetry project, which onContinue reading “My speaking voice and Henry Newbolt”