My Book Reality interview… and a reading of Black and Blue

A cup of coffee on a wooden desk with a laptop, camera, and notebook.

Back in August, I sat down for a Zoom interview with Ian Hooper, executive director of Leschenault Press and The Book Reality Experience.

That interview is now up on YouTube:

Book Realities vodcast interview with Lee-Ann Khoh

I’m a little awkward but hey, it’s my first recorded interview. Awkwardness is on brand for me anyway. 😄

You can also get a sneak peek – or should I say, sneak listen – of Chapter One of Black and Blue:

A reading from Black and Blue by Lee-Ann Khoh

If you’re wondering why I intro’d and outro’d this while standing at the door, it’s because hearing my own voice usually causes me to make a quick getaway. Just kidding… but seriously.

Be sure to check out the other author interviews on the Book Realities podcast… ’cause there are plenty of interesting writers who aren’t me! In fact, most of the interesting writers on the planet are not me. 😛

4 thoughts on “My Book Reality interview… and a reading of Black and Blue

  1. Lol I get that too. Whenever I do anything on video or audio, I never rewatch them, because I can’t stand the sound of my own voice. Anyway, you sound awesome. Great to see the face behind the blog too!

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