A book baby is born

Text reads: A book baby is born. Image contains close-up of colourful balloons.

My book has been out for a week now and gosh, that feels weird to say! I kind of just let it drop without doing a book launch event because… well, frankly, I wanted to enjoy my book release. And spending the lead-up to it organising an event all about me would definitely not have been my idea of a good time. Your mileage may vary, of course. Someone recently described me as “very unassuming”, which might be a euphemism for “wussy” but that’s okay. 😛

Anyway, what I did do was post a rather silly mock birth notice for Black and Blue on social media because I’m a massive dork. Obviously publishing a book is nothing like giving birth to an actual human baby. But I have no real babies planned in the foreseeable future and thought I’d have some fun with this. 🙂

Cute clones of my book baby are available online as an eBook or paperback. An audiobook is in progress but I don’t have a release date yet.

Lee-Ann holds a copy of her book, Black and Blue, as if it is a baby. The book is wrapped in a blue towel.
Lee-Ann cradling her new book baby.

So what now?

Well, if you do read Black and Blue, I’d love an honest rating and review at the place of purchase and/or Goodreads. As an unknown indie author, word of mouth is my best friend at the moment so feel free to tell people about the book if you think they might be interested.

And if you want to give my book cover some love, I’m still in the running for AllAuthor’s Cover of the Month so drop me a vote!

I hope to make some signed books and bookplates available in time for Christmas — well, in Australia because it’s already very close to the cut-off date for international deliveries to arrive in time. But we might get lucky.

In the longer term… there will be a second novel. At this stage, it’s a standalone in a contemporary setting with multiple viewpoints (unlike Black and Blue, where we just see Jade’s perspective), though everything could change. But I will write it and finish it — I’m putting that out there now so I’ll look foolish if nothing eventuates. 😀

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