Bogan Shakespeare presents Hamlet review on Perth Walkabout

Fringe World 2023 is up and running in Perth and the first show I checked out was Bogan Shakespeare’s reimagining of Hamlet. My thoughts on it are now online so check it out. Read my review of Bogan Shakespeare presents Hamlet on Perth Walkabout.

New Year, same girl on film – a micro-vlog & Paloma Faith

I don’t typically make New Year’s Resolutions because, let’s face it, I know I’m not going to follow through. It’s like all the newbies at the gym in January that you never see again in February. Which is not a criticism — just saying that good intentions do not a good habit make. I knowContinue reading “New Year, same girl on film – a micro-vlog & Paloma Faith”

Ebooks and audiobooks are real books and you’re an ableist jerk

I’m just overflowing with festive cheer, aren’t I? Provocative title aside, something has been bugging me for a while and I decided to get it off my chest before the new year. And that something is this: the attitude among self-proclaimed avid readers that reading doesn’t count unless it’s a print book. I know IContinue reading “Ebooks and audiobooks are real books and you’re an ableist jerk”

November, schmovember…

Another year almost gone and still no hand sanitiser sponsorship. C’mon, how much alcohol does a girl need (to rub on her hands) to get a break around here?! But in all seriousness… it’s late November. Already. November always ends up being pretty busy despite my best intentions. I guess it’s been like that sinceContinue reading “November, schmovember…”

Barracking for the Umpire review on Perth Walkabout

After illness forced the cancellation of the original performance I was going to attend, I made it back to Subiaco Arts Centre to see Barracking for the Umpire, a play by Andrea Gibbs and presented by Black Swan State Theatre Company. And my thoughts on it are now online. Barracking for the Umpire centres onContinue reading “Barracking for the Umpire review on Perth Walkabout”