Stuck in a rut

Text reads: Stuck in a rut. Background contains a red car stuck in snow at night.

I’m in a bit of a rut.

Not a “depressed” rut (been there). I’m actually pretty good.

My job fulfils me. My family is great. My circle of friends is small but meaningful and that’s how I like it. And NCIS, a show I’ve grown up with and is basically a family friend at this point, just got renewed for Season 20.

In short, I’m happy.

It’s more of a “why aren’t I achieving more with my life?” rut. A “someday I’ll be old and I want to be better than I am today” rut.

I’m often tired.

I’m not reading anywhere near as much as I want to or should. (Related to the tiredness thing.)

I feel like I’m not making progress on Book #2.

Sometimes I think it’d be cool to take up [insert hobby here] but then I don’t get started or follow through.

Or I think about how I wanted to be a cartoonist with a syndicated comic strip when I was a kid and wonder why I stopped drawing altogether.


I’m sure I’ll get unstuck but right now, I’m just typing it out.

And maybe taking a nap.

One thought on “Stuck in a rut

  1. I can totally relate. Because as much as I want to excel in my writing, I always end up spending my days on frivolous crap, besides stuff like work. Don’t know why and it frustrates me too. Well, here’s to breaking out of the rut-a-tut-tut!


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