Choice and consequence

Text reads: Choice and consequence. Background contains syringes of different sizes.

While I don’t think I’ve ever actually said so until now, it’s not a secret: I’m pro-vax. I think everybody should be vaccinated unless they genuinely can’t for medical reasons.

“But you’re vaccinated, right? So you’re safe, right? Or doesn’t your jibby jab actually work?”

Newsflash: We don’t just get the jab for ourselves, but thanks for confirming the inherent selfishness of anti-vaxxers.

I got vaccinated because I want to do everything I can to protect our community, which includes immunocompromised and vulnerable people. Because I believe “learning to live with the virus” should centre around helping the population reach herd immunity as safely as possible, not a bunch of ableist snotrags deciding who’s expendable.

If you choose not to get vaccinated in Australia, you may be restricted from certain venues and events, or have to find a different job. Inconvenient, but it’s still your choice.

If you choose to equate public health measures with apartheid, segregation or the Holocaust, possible consequences of that include being shunned by people who are rightfully disgusted by the disgusting comparison.

If you choose to spread misinformation about vaccines, either deliberately or because you inexplicably believe your amateur research is valid, possible consequences include being labelled an anti-vaxxer even if you insist you aren’t one.

If I choose to publish this blog post, possible consequences include certain people unfriending/unfollowing me on social media, sending me angry messages or refusing to buy my book. But that’s okay. Because getting vaccinated is bigger than just me.

I’m not being brave or edgy here. I actually had a lot more sympathy for vaccine hesitancy earlier in the year. But months of watching privileged people cry about oppression and wellness warriors act like martyrs is wearing thin. I’m just tired now.

And maybe a bit disappointed at the lack of noticeable improvement in my wi-fi. 😉

TL;DR – please just get vaccinated.

3 thoughts on “Choice and consequence

  1. I’m just so done with the anti-vaxxers and this whole situations. I’m genuinely so pissed that they won’t just get the vaccine so things can go back to normal. And their arguments are literally so dumb I feel like I lose brain cells every time I hear one of them talk.

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