York review for Perth Walkabout

My review of York — presented by Black Swan State Theatre Company in collaboration with WA Youth Theatre Company — is now online.

Written by Ian Michael and Chris Isaacs, it’s a ghost story with a difference, spanning two centuries of Western Australian history.

Read my York review at Perth Walkabout.

Coming soon… Black and Blue

Remember that book I was telling you about?

Well, it’s humming along. I’m publishing it through Leschenault Press and their Book Reality imprint, and it now has a kickarse cover designed by Luke Buxton that looks like this.

Book mockup of Black and Blue by Lee-Ann Khoh

Black and Blue will be my debut novel. I’m describing it as a work of young adult fiction with crossover appeal. Some years ago, I might have classified it as new adult fiction but that category kind of got overrun by erotic romance, which my book is not.

I actually wrote the first draft way back in 2015 but put it away for long periods at a time. Then a global pandemic happened. Some people baked bread, which is cool, but I’m very aware of my limitations in the kitchen so I thought I’d turn my attention to other things.

Like getting my book out. As some wise fellas once said, “It’s now or never, I ain’t gonna live forever.” 😉

Find out more about Black and Blue on the Book Reality website.

And get excited! Or don’t, that’s fine, because I’m plenty excited for all of us. 😛

P.S. In case you missed the blatant Bon Jovi reference…

“It’s My Life” – Bon Jovi

Letter to my long distance love

Dear Sydney,

Why you gotta do me like this?!

As of now, there are virtually no COVID-19 restrictions in Perth again. (Though I’m keeping a clean mask in my bag just in case.) But my heart is heavy because there’s a hard interstate border separating us and I don’t know when it might come down.

I love you, Sydney. Well, I love certain people in you. But you’re pretty cool too. Apart from worshipping the worst football code ever invented. 😉

When I was last with you at the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 certainly existed in the world, yet it seemed so far away from us in Australia. Now it’s you that seems a world away. My last attempt to get back to you was thwarted by a lockdown in Perth. Now it’s you that’s in lockdown. 😦

I look at the daily new case numbers, the images of people who seem to be packing beaches and shops for no apparent reason when they’re supposed to be at home, and I wonder when it’ll all end.

And to be honest, I’m mad because it feels like this could’ve been avoided (or at least closer to being resolved by now) had the state not backed itself into an ideological corner — but I digress.

Mostly I’m just sad and I miss you, my darling Sydney. And I really hope to see you again soon. ❤


Your mate in the wild west.

P.S. I went a bit nuts topping up my Opal card last time so to cut a long story short, I also really need to get to you and ride some trains or something. 😛

Amateur poetry readings in lockdown

Much of Australia has recently been in, or are still in, lockdown — including me in Perth. I was directed to work from home on Monday (it’s now Sunday again as I write this) when initial restrictions were reintroduced. And I managed to get a masked gym session in just before Premier Mark McGowan called an 8pm press conference (never a good sign) to announce that Perth and Peel would enter a four-day lockdown. Which we’re now out of, albeit with some restrictions in place.

Sydney, on the other hand, is still in the middle of their lockdown. 😦 That city owns a piece of my heart, so I decided to read “To Sydney”, a poem by Louise Mack, for LibriVox.

Listen to Short Poetry Collection 217 on LibriVox.

My oral interpretation of “The West” by Francis S. Borton is also in that collection, which is made up of 44 poems read by various volunteers.

12 months of whatever this is… and counting

I started this blog about a year ago, not really knowing what it was trying to be… and I’m pretty sure I’m still just talking crap most of the time. I don’t follow any of the “rules” of blogging, like maintaining a consistent schedule or focusing on a niche (unless I’m the niche, haha). But I’m enjoying what I’m doing so I’ll continue. Lucky you, dear reader. 😛

We’re also coming to the midway point of the calendar year, so I thought I’d preview/tease the second half.

For the past few years, people have asked me burning questions like, “How’s your writing going?” and “When can I read your book?” and I can now finally say the answer to the latter is…

Well, actually, I don’t have a release date yet. We’re thinking a few weeks before Christmas — I’ll update y’all in due course. I’ve decided to go with independent publishing for reasons I’ll talk about another time, but I’m very comfortable with my decision.

But there’s still a lot to think about. Like marketing. Different formats. Who to thank in the acknowledgements. The idea of talking about myself while suppressing the desire to faint. Getting a new Mental Health Care Plan from my doctor so I can cry to a psychologist about what an imposter I am for thinking I can write and publish a book.

Just kidding. Mostly.

It’s all a bit nerve-racking but also super exciting. Hopefully some of the people who have asked about my book go on to actually buy the book. No one owes me anything, of course. But I would very much appreciate it. 😉

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