Facing the new normal

Text reads: Facing the new normal. Background contains surgical masks.

Dear Diary,

This week, I returned to the office for the first time since my workplace went into lockdown three months ago. And as much as I like my job and the people I work with, I was… apprehensive.

Plenty of people have developed some form of coronavirus-related anxiety during the pandemic, and I guess I have too. But I also had anxiety before COVID-19. And the line between my usual anxiety and COVID anxiety isn’t clearly defined.

I live in Western Australia, where the number of cases has been low and there doesn’t appear to be community transmission. In other words, there’s no need for panic; we’ve been very fortunate. But I can’t help my thoughts and feelings — only what I do about them.

So on Monday, I got up earlier than I have in months and went to work.

It was nice to see my co-workers in person, rather than through a webcam. Although the office was still quiet compared to normal (or at least the old, pre-COVID normal). Sometimes eerily quiet.

There were some nervous moments, especially on the train, where it can be hard to physically distance yourself from other people. It’s also winter here, and you inevitably come across people with sniffles and other cold-like symptoms. But I got through my first week unscathed and lived to write this to you. 😉

I have no idea what the future brings. But I suppose all I can do is face it as it comes, cover my coughs and sneezes, and wash my hands properly. And hope others are doing the same.

2 thoughts on “Facing the new normal

  1. We still have the flexibility re whether we want to go back to the office or not. I would’ve been happy to go back but we’ve been told we can’t use microwave/fridge etc and so I don’t see the point in going back and would rather work from home. You’re right about the anxiety continuing or worsening for a lot of people though – I’m finding my referrals in private practice have all had to do with COVID anxiety {for want of a better term} – people who had some kind of anxiety before but it has worsened now. I hope things ease up for you and slowly start to feel better

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    1. Thanks Sanch. I’ve been seeing a psychologist and I’m doing okay. 🙂

      We’ve had a staggered return, and my co-workers who went back earlier said the microwaves and fridges had been unplugged/removed, but luckily they were both back in use last week. All the cutlery has been removed but I usually bring my own anyway.


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