Honesty on Flash Fiction Magazine

My short story “Honesty” — which was originally written for #FridayFlash and appeared in my eBook They Don’t Talk About It — has been published on the Flash Fiction Magazine website.

Here is a brief extract:

“Why are guys such jerks?!” The young woman smacked her palm on the counter with a thunderous thwack.

Behind the bar, Evan spun around, startled and amused. “Can I get you anything?”

Read the rest of “Honesty” at Flash Fiction Magazine.

It’s been a while since I wrote this, but I do remember being quite proud of writing a bar story as a non-drinker. “Honesty” was partly inspired by a conversation I had with a bartender about two years before I wrote it, as well as a few things my naive, romantically-challenged self had begun to observe at the time of writing.

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