The History of February 14 on Every Day Fiction

My sombre Valentine’s Day short story “The History of February 14” is now up on Every Day Fiction. Here’s a snippet:

It’s February 14 again. Have you been lying awake at night, watching the days tick over like I have? Or did you manage to block it from your thoughts, only to be assaulted today by an overpriced barrage of sickly sweet candy sentiments masquerading as love?

Maybe you’ll receive a card from a secret admirer who’s spent the past year mooning over the quiet ginger-haired boy in the corner, and you’ll smile and feel normal and loved. I hope so, if only to push down the pain for a few moments. But February 14 will always be the day your dad died and your mum was taken away, and there aren’t any greeting cards for that.

Read the rest of “The History of February 14” at Every Day Fiction.

I’ve been getting EDF delivered to my inbox for quite some time but this is the first flash I’ve actually submitted to them so I’m thrilled they published it. I’m also somewhere between anxious and terrified, as I always am at the thought of people judging me by my writing, even while I crave honest feedback because it’s the only way I’ll improve my craft.

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