Fish Live in Trees, animated flash fiction

A few years ago, I was going through my old notebooks from primary school when I found the words “Did you know that fish live in trees?” printed at the top of one of the pages. I would’ve been about Year 5 (aged 9 or 10) when I wrote that down, so I can’t be certain what I was thinking. But it ended up being the prompt for a weird little piece of dialogue-only flash fiction called Fish Live in Trees. It’s about brotherly love and the lies siblings tell each other. (You can read the original here if you’re so inclined.)

Now that my I’ve finished all my units for the semester, I’ve been playing around with Plotagon. It’s an animation program with text-to-speech, and works in a similar way to the now-defunct Xtranormal.

I decided to try turning Fish Live in Trees into an animated movie. Here’s the result. (The dialogue has been edited from the original, but not in any substantial way.)

What do you think?

I know the speech doesn’t sound very natural, but neither did Xtranormal’s… In a way, it was part of the charm. 🙂 The younger brother in my video kind of looks like a young Justin Bieber, which wasn’t intentional, but I do admit to liking some of his songs. 😛

Have you ever used Plotagon or something similar?

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