Flash fiction: Fish Live In Trees

Photo by John-Morgan (Flickr)
“Did you know that fish live in trees?”


“It’s true!”


“The leaves are little fishes.”

“Don’t be silly. Fish need water.”

“Yeah, that’s why we water them.”

“I mean, they need water to swim in.”

“Well, these fishes are in hospital. That’s why they’re not in the ocean.”

“Hospital? But that’s where you go when you’re sick!”

“Yep. The trees are fish hospitals. The branches are really a life support system that delivers water to the fish. That’s why the leaves – the fish – die if they fall off the trees.”

“I guess that kind of makes sense…”

“Of course it does. Would I lie to you?”


“Come on, I’m your big brother… Trust me!”

6 Replies to “Flash fiction: Fish Live In Trees”

  1. Something a bit different from me. I was flicking through my old creative writing journals from primary school when I came across a page that began with the words “Did you know that fish live in trees?”

    I don’t know what was going through 9-year-old Lee-Ann’s head back then, but it seemed so deliciously bizarre that I just had to run with it and see where it took me.

  2. Ha! I can confirm I’ve never told my little brother or sister a tale like this. I can also confirm that’s probably a lie.

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